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Is your business cyber smart? If you do not absolutely know that your business can withstand a cyber crisis, you need to contact MaceTech Security Solutions today. We are experts at preventive tactics, general maintenance, and defending the business environment from everyday computer breakdowns. We are affordable and responsive, so let's get to work and preserve your data, time and financial resource.

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Compliance Assurance Program
MaceTech are experts when it cyber countermeasures and we can provide the strategic planning and auditing needed to exceed any compliance requirements. We offer complete and comprehensive requirement analysis, design, and implementation of your system security plans, system wide backup and recovery, treat defense and more. These are serious and sensitive areas for any company and something your business cannot take a chance on. Contact us today for a free consultation.
Network Administration
MaceTech can provide full stack support for your company's network infrastructure. Save money by hiring us as your full service support team.
Servers & Work Stations
Your sever needs precise care to care for you, day in and day out. We are highly skilled in server security, updates and general maintenance.  And we intimately understand the best practices when it comes to work stations. 
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