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Team Members / Experience

MaceTech Security Solutions Inc.

MaceTech Security Solutions Inc. provides expertise in Information Assurance, Computer Programming, and Database Management

Past Performance

US Air Force, Subcontract Number:
100784SB20 to Prime Contract Project # B-50007-0200
December 1st, 2011 to Present
Program: AFNORTH DMO Support

US Navy, Subcontract Number:
31-5103811 to Prime Contract #N61331-11-F-7010
June 11, 2012 to August 31, 2012
Program: Modeling, Simulation & Analysis

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Team Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Program

MaceTech Security Solutions Inc. has established a formal Quality
Management Plan that embraces the key elements of a Quality Management

Those key elements are as follows:

Policy and Objectives – the management principles and guiding philosophies that are established to guide the development of the Quality Management Plan

Quality Processes – the detailed procedures, tasks, inputs and outputs to each stage that are used to fulfill the policy and objectives of the Quality Management Plan.

Customer Communications and Feedback – mechanisms for determining the satisfaction of the customer as well as objective criterion for measuring the compliance of the work performed in relation to the task order requirements.

Quality Measurement
– the performance metrics and tools that audit the effectiveness and utility of Quality Processes.
Continuous Process Improvement – evaluation of the quality processes, procedures and communications and recommendations for their improvement.

 Points of Contact
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Points of Contact

Technical Point of Contact

Mr. Russell Mace, 850-215-4641

Contract Point of Contact

Mr. Russell Mace, 850-215-4641

Points of Contact for Seaport Information

Mr. Russell Mace, 850-215-4641

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