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We will gain the trust of our clients through solid performance. As a result, we will become a major provider of security services and solutions to an international community.

Information Systems Security for your business requires a comprehensive set of solutions. While technology is important, it alone can never ensure security. Your processes must be sound and your people must be aware. MaceTech can help you in every area to manage the right level of risk for the right price for your business. Trust MaceTech to be your IT provider. We can handle all your business IT needs.


A free network is a more secure network. Technology alone can never ensure security. It is our duty to give back to the information security effort. The loudest shots of the next war will be fired in cyberspace.

 Russell Mace

Russell Mace earned an Electrical Engineering degree from the GA Institute of Technology and moved to Panama City, FL, in 1983. Starting his career as a civilian employee of the United States Navy, Mr. Mace became an expert software engineer developing simulations and applications for the Department of the Navy. After a 28 year career as a defense contractor, Mr. Mace struck out on his own in 2011 to form MaceTech Security Solutions Inc. where he is the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Mace has lived and worked in the Panama City area his entire adult life, raising his family in our community. When he is not working, you may find him dancing, as he is an avid ballroom and latin dance instructor as well.

Mr. Mace and MaceTech Security Solutions Inc. still support our local defense agencies, both at the Naval Surface Warfare Center and at Tyndall Air Force Base, as well as supporting local small businesses in managing their Information Technology solutions.

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 Michael Mace

Michael Mace was born in Georgia sometime after the death of disco, and moved to Florida during the decline of New Wave. He stayed in Florida until music officially died, circa 2002. Grief-stricken, the recent graduate from Gulf Coast Community College traveled the world with the United States Marine Corps until 2008. He then attended Illinois State University, pursuing his Bachelors in Information Assurance and Network Security.. During his time at university, he participated in two Midwest region Cyber Defense Competitions, and founded the Center for Information Warfare at Illinois State (Now IsuSec).

Michael is an open-source advocate, and possesses an irrational dislike for Apple, in addition to his rational dislike for Apple.

He is currently a Computer Support Specialist for MaceTech Security Solutions Inc. in Panama City, Florida.

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