Rate Your Confidence

BulletI understand all my business processes and I know they are effectively managed.
BulletI have identified my critical and sensitive data. I know where it is and who accesses it.
BulletMy employees understand today’s risks and practice safe computing and browsing.
BulletI have taken reasonable and prudent actions to protect my sensitive information.
BulletMy network architecture is soundly configured to prevent intrusions.
BulletMy routers, servers, and workstations have the correct security policies and controls.
BulletMy firewalls, applications, antivirus, and operating systems are kept up to date and remain in a secure posture at all times.
BulletMy business would survive a catastrophic loss of systems or data.

I am compliant with the industry standards and government regulations that cover my type of business and the type of sensitive information that I maintain.

Our Mission

Information Systems Security for your business requires a comprehensive set of solutions. While technology is important, it alone can never ensure security. Your processes must be sound and your people must be aware. MaceTech can help you in every area to manage the right level of risk for the right price for your business. Trust MaceTech to be your IT provider. We can handle all your business IT needs.


A free network is a more secure network. Technology alone can never ensure security. It is our duty to give back to the information security effort. The loudest shots of the next war will be fired in cyberspace.

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